There’s a new DOOM movie?



Yes there is, and it looks awful. A straight to video flick called DOOM: Annihilation. Why? Who asked for this?

DOOM 2006 wasn’t great. Making the monsters genetic mutants rather than demons was thing they could have done. But you had a great cast. Karl Urban, Rosamond Pike, and Dwayne Johnson, can’t get much better then that. Imagine doing a sequel/soft-reboot with these 3, It’s too awesome to exist.

Instead we get that, did you watch the trailer? Yeah, it’s bad.

I love me some love budget action movies. One of my favourite movies from 2018 was Upgrade, a $5 Million movie that’s way better then most $200 million movies. Or the movie ReVolt, $4 Million, great movie. So you can do something like DOOM on a low budget but that trailer, wow.

Not to mention that DOOM Guy is now DOOM Gal. That’s an even dumber change then making the monsters mutants.

I can’t wait to see DOOM: Annihilation. It’s going to be awful, hopefully in a good entertaining way.


Canadian Politics is dumb

Last week I wrote that I wanted to get more into following Canadian Politics, there’s an election next year and I wanted to know what’s going on. Not any more.

Reading and talking to people about politics, there’s too much anger and negativity. I don’t need or want that in my life. I’ll still follow politics a bit more than usual this year so I know what I’m voting for but I’m not going to get as involved as I initially thought.

Canadian Politics

Canadian Politics

Were less than a year away from the next federal election here in Canada and I know almost nothing about what’s going on in Canadian politics. Politics I think is mostly meaningless, voting doesn’t really matter in the end, it’s an illusion of control to keep the masses in check. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it does matter. That’s why over the next year I’m going to do my best to educate myself on the goings on in Canadian politics so I can be a good informed voter. I’m going to use this blog for posting about Canadian Politics, and all that fun stuff.

This is going to be fun.